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Community Crisis Centre


The Community Crisis Centre was founded in 1998, and was spurred on by the needs of Reiger Park•s Senior Citizens. The programme has since grown and includes:
   •   Community based care for orphaned and vulnerable children and child-headed households,
   •   Grandparent-headed households,
   •   HIV/Aids and TB support
programmes and
   •   A Drop-in centre.

Community Crisis Centre has a variety of services available daily. These include:
   •   Co-operating with schools,
   •   Co-operating with clinics and
   •   Co-operating with faith-based organisations and other non-governmental organisations.

We also run and create activities as an extension of the Drop-in Centre, such as:
   •   Video games,
   •   Educational material,
   •   Domestic and Social awareness,
   •   Support groups,
   •   Memory boxes and
   •   Homework and supervision, among others.

We update our Orphaned and Vulnerable Children database weekly. Our database covers Reiger Park and the surrounding informal settlements including Ramaphosa, Tokyo, Comet and Joe Slovo. We go on home visits to support the 634 children on our database.

We provide the children with a nutritious, cooked meal at least once a week. A food garden forms part of our feeding programme which gives families access to nutritious, fresh food. Our feeding programme also includes:
   •   Monthly nutritional support for people and children living with HIV/Aids and
   •   Giving a school in one of the informal settlements bread at least twice a week.

We also provide support services such as:
   •   Supplying food parcels,
   •   School uniforms,
   •   Birth certificates,
   •   ID & grant applications and
   •   Creating support groups for people living with AIDS.

This is so that we can provide psycho-social support, as an extension of our vast referral system.



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